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Bits and Bytes Mechanical Part-1 Free pdf

gate books pdf free download

If your goal is to crack the Mechanical Engineering Paper of GATE Examination with flying colors, then “this book is for you”.

This book is a carefully crafted treasure trove of practice questions with hints and solutions. After thoroughly studying the exam papers and patterns of the GATE Mechacnical Engineering Examination over many years we have drafted this book to include the types of questions which can be anticipated in the upcoming GATE examination.

 Benefits of the Book:

  • This book will help you test the level of knowledge which you gained through your preparation.
  • This book will help you eliminate the silly mistakes which are committed in the main examination through practice. Eliminating silly mistakes in the main examination will help in boosting the student’s rank significantly.
  • This book will help you improve your speed of solving the questions through practice, hence will help you save time in the main examination to tackle difficult questions.
  • This book will expose you to the widest possible variety of questions, which will help you in tackling any new type of questions in the examination.

This book is recommended for:

  • Students preparing for competitive exams like GATE, IES, JTO, DRDO, ISRO, etc.
  • Students preparing for exams related to all state and national level public sector undertakings.

Manufacturing Process

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Industrial Engineering

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Machine Design

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Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery

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Material Science

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