Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Very Important Topics For Gate 2021 : Mechanical
These are the topics which are very important topics for gate 2021 Grade-A Subjects ………….more than 10 revisions are required Production (2013 By IIT Bombay-18%) Mathematics (2013 By IIT Bombay-15%) TOM (2013 By IIT Bombay-9%) Heat Transfer (2013 By IIT Bombay-10%) Fluid Mechanics & Machines (2013 By IIT Bombay-6%) SOM...
Mechanical Vibrations

Mechanical Vibrations

Simple Dynamical System Response due to General Forces BEHAVIOUR OF SYSTEMS • System: collection of machine constituents• Behavior of Physical Systems and Their Assumptions/Hypothesis• Laws of mechanics and mathematical Model• Resemble with physical behavior otherwise refinement in the model• Types of Mathematical Models: (a) Discrete Systems...
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