How to crack Gates and best strategies for Gates


The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), which started more than 30 years ago, has today emerged as one of the bench mark tests for engineering and science aptitude in facilitating admissions for higher education (M.Tech./Ph.D.) in IITs, IISc and various other Institutes/Universities/Laboratories in India. GATE qualification is also recognized in some foreign countries. With the standard and high quality of the GATE examination in 23 disciplines of engineering and science subjects, it identifies the candidate’s understanding of a subject and aptitude and eligibility for higher studies. .

Every year many students applies to Gates but only some of them be selected. This is not the problem that they are not enough good in thier studies. No, this is surely not the maine problem is that they have a lack of strategy and planing to. They are only trying to hit the book. And when sits to the examination they can do anything. So, here im going to tell you some tried tips that most of the candidates use the give the best at all.

  1. Always start from your favorite subject:
  2. Not only studies we observe this in various situations in our life that if we don’t want to do something but someone is letting is to do that forcefully . Then even he do whatever we don’t like to do that which we are not interested in so, don’t go for any other subject rather than you like the most. Like if you like chemistry more than physics then choose chemistry. Learning your favourite subject builds a passion on you. And make you learn with more intensity. Its also creates a a attractive gesture to you for studies because when you do something that is likely to you then you forget that you don’t like study and concentrate.

Set a goal at your daily basis:

Here you have to clear one thing, i said at “daily basis” it means what. You everyone makes a routine to get up at 6 AM and brush at 6:15 etc. but remember one thing this this is not going to be successful in any condition. You can regularly follow that may be you tried it. And you know it is so difficult to follow this routine. So, here you have to do a deal with yourself, means you have to say yourself that if you complete this assingment then you will get a cake or something whatever you like and be happy to have. So, this will improve your willpower. Simply challenge yourself for every single chapter and get your result.

Have a full plan of the year:

Planning is main process to clear any examination. You can consider it as a root of a tree. But how to plan for a competetive exam? Its kinda simple, all you have to do is that you should have a clear idea of what you going to do in the whole year. Student just randomly anything is not a smart way. You should learn every subject daily. Learning only one subject for a long time is harmful for the relation between you and subject. Because even you are so interested to a book but if you ready it so long then your mind trying to took that book away from you. And that is what will let you don’t to even touch the book. So, don’t just read one topic you can learn alternative topics with a gap of a particular time. For the first 6 months you can go subject wise After the 6 six months you try solving the problems as much as you can, and the rest 3 month spend as much time you can for solving diffrent model questions.

How to prepare short notes?

1.While preparing short notes, dont include everything. Include just important key concepts and Formulae.

2. While preparation, dont study single subject for the entire day. Take atleast 2 subjects simultaneously for preparation. This will keep your interest level up and you will not get saturated while preparation.

3. In the last days of preparation, Avoid studying new concepts & formulae. Focus only on what you have studied entire year.

4. Make charts and shortcut tricks to memorize things easily so that during exam, you can recall and recollect at ease.

5. Join some good online test series. (Subjectwise & Full length mock tests)

6. I have seen candidates getting disturbed and leaving their regular studies due to bad performance in test series.

Note : Test series is not going to decide your rank in the final exam of GATE. Test series will help you to know, Which areas you are perfect and Which areas you need to focus more on. Dont compare yourself with others in test series. Compare your own performance in the previous tests given by you.

7. Most important part of Preparation is Revision. Revise on regular basis so that you dont forget and you will be able to save much of your time by timely regular revisions.

8. Time table : Prepare a proper study plan which should be balanced from all perspectives. Dedicate atleast 10–12 hours for your preparation. As told earlier, study atleast 2 subjects simultaneously.

9. Hard Work & Self Motivation

This 2 things will decide your future through GATE. Be self motivated and keep working hard. Have trust in your abilities. Stay focussed. Stay true and honest to yourself while preparing. Decide your priorities in Life.

Here are some smart stragegies to crack Gate if it goes helpful for you then don’t be cheap to share to your friend.


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