Internal Combustion Engine by R.K. Rajput pdf free download

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Internal Combustion Engine by R.K. Rajput pdf free download

Published in the year 2007, A Textbook Of Internal Combustion Engines is a book that provides the readers with detailed insight into the subject of internal combustion engines and related concepts.

Summary Of The Book

A Textbook Of Internal Combustion Engines has been written to provide the readers with a solid grounding in the important concepts of internal combustion engines. This book contains a number of diagrams, which help the reader grasp crucial concepts quicker. Additionally, a number of solved examples have also been included to explain the concepts better.

In total, there are 21 chapters in this book, and some of them include Engine Cooling, Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion, Air Compressors, Air Capacity of Four Stroke Engines, Combustion in C.I. Engines, Air Standard Cycles, Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines, and Fuel-Air and Actual Cycles.

Some other chapters include Miscellaneous Engines, Engine Friction and Lubrication, Air Pollution from I. C. Engines and Its Control, Ignition Systems (S. I. Engines), Fuel/Air Mixture Requirements, Chemical Thermodynamics and Fuels, Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics, Combustion in S.I. Engines, and Fuel Injection Systems for C. I. Engines.

At the end of each chapter, the readers are also provided with a brief recap of the concepts covered, along with objective type questions, fill in the blanks, unsolved examples, and theoretical questions to test the understanding of the reader. At the end of the book, an objective type question bank has also been included along with answers. A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines meets the requirements of students pursuing B.Sc. Engineering, B.Tech, and B.E degrees. This book is also beneficial for aspirants of Section B A.M.I.E. and U.P.S.C examinations.

About R. K. Rajput

R. K. Rajput is an author and engineer.

Apart from this book, Rajput has written Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation, Engineering Materials and Metallurgy, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Measurements And Instrumentation: Including Metrology And Control Systems, A Textbook Of Hydraulic Machines in SI Units, and Strength Of Materials.

Rajput was born on the 15th of September, 1944. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He completed his Master’s degree from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Management, Patiala, in Mechanical Engineering. He has been teaching mechanical, and electrical engineering subjects for the past 35 years, and served as the Principal of Thapar Polytechnic, Patiala, and Punjab College of Information Technology for several years. Rajput is also a part of the Member Institution of Engineers (MIE), Member Solar Energy Society of India (MSESI), and the Member Indian Society of Technical Education. He has also been presented with several awards, and some of them include Man of Achievement Award, Best Teacher Award, and Distinguished Author Award.


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