There is Following Steps to Join Mtech at IIT

1) Gate Exam

All IIT gives admission to MTech through gate exam. you will need to qualify for gate exam with good marks or Score, old iit’s required higher Score and new with average rank.

Some Details about gate exam:-

  • NO. of Question = 65
  • Total Time of exam = 3 hours
  • Types of Questions = Multiple Choice Questions, Numerical Answer Type Questions, Multiple Answer Questions
  • Total Marks =100
  • Exam Questions From = Aptitude(15)+Mathematics(15)+Respective Branch(70)
  • Examination Mode = Computer Based Test (CBT)

Following Branches are eligible For gate Exam

2) After Clearing Gate Exam

You can Go to next after the respective institute declares the result of gate, we will have to resister on two sites

  1. First of all we will have to register On Coap Portal which stands for Common Offer Acceptance Portal looks like this

In this portal go to the registration link Enter the gate’s registration details and score written on gate score card and login, after login you will get a coap registration id keep this safe because we will use this id for further process.

3) Registration On Respective IIT website

After Registration on coap portal we will have to Register on Individual IITs Website and during registeration they will ask for coap registration id , 10th ,12th marksheet. after you complete your registration on all the iits you want to apply its time to relax and just wait for first round. Now to check which institute we got we have to check on coap portal only.

you will have to accept or reject the seat in coap portal only, no need to go on iits website but for downloading the call letter you may visit the sites.

5)After Getting Seat At IIT

you well get a sms on getting a seat through coap portal. on opening coap portal there will be three options first one is accept I want to sing this you will be accepting the seat and will not be considered for the further rounds. second will be retain and wait on selecting which you will be considered for the next round and if you will not get nothing in the next round you will be considered for your previous seat you have got. third one will be result on selecting which you are losing your previous seat and will be considered for next round. one thing that we have to note here that retain and wait you can use only.

on accepting the seat some of the colleges may ask for interview and some of the colleges and branches give admission directly on the basis of gate score.


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