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strength of materials rk bansal pdf

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Strength of Materials By RK Bansal Pdf


  1. simple stress and strains
  2. elastic constants
  3. principal stresses and strains
  4. strain energy and impact loading
  5. center of gravity and moment of inertia
  6. shear force and bending moment
  7. bending stress in beams
  8. stresses in beams
  9. direct and bending stresses
  10. dams and retaining walls
  11. analysis of perfect Frames
  12. deflection of beams
  13. deflection of cantilevers
  14. conjugate beam method propped cantilever and beams
  15. fixed and continuous beams
  16. Torsion of shafts and springs
  17. thin cylinders and spheres
  18. thick cylinders and spheres
  19. column and struts
  20. riveted joints
  21. welded joints
  22. rotating disc and cylinders
  23. bending of curved bars
  24. theories of failure
  25. objective type questions


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